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17. srpna 2012 v 17:56 | a very British may |  Hele
Here I am again. No Czech, please. Have been successfully avoiding that brilliant language for nearly three weeks. (At least in speech.) Ya know, it's because of Oxford. Anyway, I'm jealous of myself!
I won't tell you anything about how I feel or what's going on in my head, I'm not in mood to do so. There are just three things I'd like to share.
  1. The most frequent thought of mine on these days goes like this: FŇUCK OFF! And I finally developed a taste for Sue's one-liner "I don't wanna be here, I'm not gonna do this."
  2. Virginia Woolf was much more than just a tiny bit marvellous. Like really.
  3. Watch this video.
Such an emancipated little woman.
What fascinates me about children at her age is their sense of justice.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 zni zni | Web | 26. srpna 2012 v 21:09 | Reagovat

Totally awesome girl!

2 francesco francesco | 27. srpna 2012 v 12:49 | Reagovat

Oh god! this blog is super-cool! (love your head in the upper page). the only bad thing is.. I can't read it at all! that's a pity! I was so curious...

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